Child Protection Policy in Bishopbriggs

Happy Days Nursery follows the East Dunbartonshire Council Child Protection guidelines 'promoting good practice in the care and protection of children and young people'.

Our assurances to you:

We aim to provide an environment where children are safe from all kinds of harm and where any suspicion of abuse is dealt with appropriately and promptly.
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To achieve this we:

•Ensure that adult - child ratios are adhered to at all times.
• Ensure that children are not left alone with visitors to the nursery.
• Ensure that children are treated with dignity and respect
• Ensure that all staff in the nursery have undergone an ’enhanced ‘disclosure check through Disclosure Scotland and we have received two written references.
• Ensure that all play areas are organised to minimise accidents or harm.
• Ensure that a member of staff is never alone and out of sight when changing a child.
• Ensure that all staff members receive child protection training as part of their induction which includes recognising signs and symptoms of abuse and neglect. In-house child protection training is given monthly at staff meetings and training records kept.
• Ensure that children and young people have access to independent support and advice as appropriate through once-a-term group discussions with children about whom they can talk to and that they will be listened to. Also, make available information about child and family advocacy services i.e. care task to carers and children.
• Display all relevant child protection information such as Charter and Framework for Standards or children and families to access.
• Under no circumstances will children be punished by smacking, slapping, shaking or by any humiliating methods such as ridicule or exclusion.
• Children will not be given over to a carer who is clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alternative arrangements will be made by contacting another carer from the child's emergency contact details.
• All staff members are encouraged to follow the Whistle Blowing Policy and report any incidents of staff treating children inappropriately. This is dealt with seriously and any staff mistreating children will be reported the East Dunbartonshire Council and SSSC as per our notifications policy. Please report any Abuse to Claire Hyslop, Managing Director, Lorna O'Kane, Manager and Deborah Lamb, Manager.
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Procedures for reporting suspicions of abuse

All concerns regarding children are reported directly to a child protection coordinator (coordinators are Alice Henderson: Director,  Claire Hyslop: Manager , Lorna O'kane, Manager , Deborah Lamb, Manager )
Concerns are recorded on a child protection pro-forma and are stored in a confidential folder in the office (date, time, description of behaviour/ physical signs, staff member's signature are all recorded)
Serious suspicions are then referred to the social work department.
These guidelines are located in the nursery office and are easily accessed by all staff.
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Happy Days Nursery provides professional day care services for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years in Bishopbriggs.
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