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Bishopbriggs Nursery: The Playroom

We use a 'responsive planning' system to plan meaningful learning experiences that take the individual interests, needs and stages of development of each child into account.

There are three main areas in the playroom:

• The main area: Offers an imaginative area, construction area, jigsaw table, book/quiet area and sensory area. The children are able to choose where they would like to play during 'free-flow play time'.

• The messy area: Offers activities such as Play-Doh, sand, water, painting, drawing and junk modelling. The children are able to express themselves through these experiences.

• The quiet room: The quiet room is a tranquil area where the children can take part in quieter, calming activities, and relax.

Entertainment and activities to keep your children stimulated:

Throughout the day, children have a great time. We schedule various activities such as storytelling, singing, snacking, lunch, outdoor play and rest/sleep to keep your child entertained. If the weather is good, children are taken out to the outdoor play area or to the local park, both in the morning and the afternoon, for some fresh air and exercise.

Nursery and creche:

In the Rayoom, there is a separate changing area where each child has their own individual basket for nappies/pull ups, wipes and a change of clothing. There are also child size toilets for those children who are starting or have mastered toilet training! Parents must provide nappies/pull ups, spare underwear and wipes where necessary.

We provide a healthy snack for the children in the morning and afternoon sessions. Parents must provide a packed lunch for children attending the morning session. The children dine in our snack area. Home routines are still paramount in the room so sleep/rest and mealtimes are planned to meet the individual child's needs. We have individual beds and blankets where children can sleep comfortably when tired.

In our stimulating and happy playroom, we make each child feel important and valued. The children experience a well-planned day that balances structured activities and free flow play. 
We promote learning and development through 'active play' experiences that meet each individual's needs and interests. The children and staff plan a balanced and meaningful curriculum that puts the children at the centre of their learning 

Curriculum for excellence:

In the playroom, we use the 'curriculum for excellence' for all aspects of curriculum planning and encourage children to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. 
There are 8 curricular areas that staff incorporate into their plans to ensure the children experience a balanced curriculum: 

Literacy and English:

The children have the opportunity to listen to rhymes and stories, take part in group discussions at 'together time ', read books and recognise words, use a variety of tools for mark making, and experience emergent writing through imaginary situations.

Expressive art:

Children are encouraged to express themselves in different ways and be creative through art, design, drama, dancing and singing.

Religious and moral education:

By celebrating a variety of festivals and traditions, we help children discover religion, culture, values, beliefs and the diversity of our society.


Through day to day experiences and topical activities, children learn about their environment, living things, and their senses, whilst developing investigative techniques.

Social studies:

 Children are encouraged to develop an understanding of the history, heritage and culture of Scotland. Also, we aim to broaden children's understanding of people and places in the past and present. The children are encouraged to participate in enterprising activities to prepare them for the world of work in future years.


Children have access to a variety of ICT equipment to enhance their learning and problem solving skills. They also take part in recycling activities as part of our ongoing eco-work.

Extracurricular activities:

Our curriculum is also extended outdoors to our enclosed outside play area. Children can choose whether to play indoors or outdoors at free play times of the day.

We offer the following extracurricular activities on a weekly basis for all the 3-5 year old children:
  • Music and movement (with a fully qualified dance teacher)
  • Library visit
  • Baking
  • Outings in the nursery vehicles
  • Trips to recycling banks 
We regularly visit our other nursery within the Leisuredrome in Bishopbriggs where children have access to:
  • Soft play in 'Charlie's Big Adventure' 
  • Football pitches (outdoor and indoor)
  • Gymnastics studio

Physical Play:

Children can use all the Leisuredrome facilities, including: 
  • Charlie's Soft Play
  • Football pitches (indoor and outside)
  • Gymnastics studio
  • Swimming monthly for pre-school children
  • Swing park 
teacher helping her student

Health and well-being

Children are taught about healthy living and emotional, social and physical well-being. We actively promote sharing and being kind to others, following our 'golden rules': independence, skills and making choices and decisions. We give children the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and exercise outdoors on a daily basis.
kids playing the block game

Numeracy and mathematics

Throughout the playroom, the children have the opportunity to experiment with numbers. Staff offer appropriate challenging activities that include opportunities to count, sort, measure, use large numbers, recognise and write numerals, use money and understand time sequences.
Our crèche
Need an hour to yourself? Do you have an appointment? or Perhaps our looking to do some Child free shopping?

Our creche is available at our Kirkintilloch & Bishopbriggs Nurseries. 

Fees are as follows:
£10 Registration Fee
£4 Per Hour 
Max 2 Hours (At  any one time) 

Our creche is available 8AM - 6PM , 
Monday - Friday

Pop in tody or Call for more information or to book your session

Access to the Leisuredrome Facilities and Much more!  
All children have full access to our Leasuredrome Facilities including the Soft play room which is located at our Bishopbriggs nursery, Offering lots of entertainment for your little ones! 

For more information Call us today to find out more 
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