Outdoor Play

Outdoor learning in East Dunbartonshire

Fun-filled activities to entertain and stimulate young minds in Bishopbriggs.
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Nursery Gardens

Kirkintilloch Nursery

Happy Days outdoor play area provides opportunities for all age groups. The children are encouraged to play outdoors on a daily basis and can access the following areas:
• Nature garden
• Sandpit
• Cycle track
• Castle with slide
• Digging and planting area
Bishopbriggs Nursery

* swing park
* football pitches
* nature area / walks
* grass area
Out of School

* football pitches
* grass pitch
* playground
young boys playing

Safe, secure learning environments

The curriculum is extended from indoors to outdoor learning. The children can choose to play outdoors during free play times in the day.
The younger children have the use of their own safety fenced off garden area next to the main outdoor play area. This has equipment suitable for their stage of development.
Hours and fees
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